New Book Trailer!

Florida Gulf Coast: Photo by Barbara Hill Feichtinger

A book trailer (or short video) is a way for an author to connect with her readers and let them know what her book is about.At 5 minutes and 49 seconds, my new one is a little longer than most. While it focuses on my new book, we found it necessary to provide some context by including a little background about my early career as a newspaper reporter and my nonfiction books. My novels are historical fiction, and they are inspired by real people (mainly, my late mother-in-law), so there is a lot of ground to cover!

But part of the reason my new book trailer is on the hefty side is that I couldn’t resist asking the filmmaker to use some spectacular photos of Florida, where my novels are set. In the midst of creating the video, I noticed that my niece, Barbara, a lifelong Florida Gulf Coast resident, had posted a spectactular storm photo on Facebook. I asked if I could use it, and she enthusiastically said yes. In fact, she sent a bunch of them for me to use.

After the storm: Florida Gulf Coast. Photo by Barbara Hill Feichtinger.

My book trailer also features a bona fide soundtrack of the Everglades itself – a place that is never silent – along with the rumblings of a thunderstorm coming up
over the Gulf.

I hope you like it! Here it is:

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